General Electile Dysfunction: an election that lasts longer than 4 days is a serious medical problem

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I'd rather have 4 quarters than 100 pennies.
Aug 7, 2015
Conservatives should be embarrassed by the fiscal irresponsibility of Trump and his minions.

How much has these shenanigans cost tax payers? The emergency response, the mobilization of the national guard, the ongoing cost of the law enforcement and investigations, judicial costs and then the upcoming costs of beefed up secret service, 10000 national guardsmen, and so on for Inauguration day.
We conservatives have been embarrassed by the fiscal irresponsibility of Trump.

No more needed to be said. This is nothing new to us. Just more waste.


Dec 15, 2018
these cunts need to stop with the false demonization of everybody . the dems want to play the unity card and say trump divided the nation while spinning this web of lies about everyone on the right being nazis . jaypal is clearly not even wearing a mask but yet she tweets out about the cruel and mocking republicans giving them all covid. fuck why not come right out and call them subhuman disease ridden vermin. all she had to teet out way "got covid.that sucks" but she uses it as an opportunity to divide people even farther
Add to that La La Pelosi saying complete bullshit like this that no doubt incites anger while claiming only Trump does...

Pelosi says rioters chose their 'whiteness' over democracy