General Insane Woke Twitter Bullshit.

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Yuri Bezmenov was right
First 100
Jan 15, 2015
I always thought that the reee was more organic. Kind of like a toddler who doesn't get her way and only knows how to express herself by screaming. It appears to be rehearsed and refined though....kind of odd.
leave it to a woman to take a tuesday night class on how to reeee


Feb 10, 2024
The world is fucked. All of these nasty butch lesbos getting so much attention.

I have never witnessed this shit yet I see this crap on the internet everyday.

Most people don’t care but these mentally ill retards keep screaming and for some reason we listen.

Stop posting this shit, stop caring, and eventually they will all implode and kill themselves. Hopefully…

I do get a kick out of seeing this tragedy though. I cannot wait until this shit is over.

Imagine these peoples grandparents? Fighting wars? Using rations. This world is rotting due to a minuscule part of the population yet that minuscule part is getting too much attention. It’s time for a cleansing.


Formerly someone other than Banjaxo
Nov 16, 2019