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Dec 17, 2018
I was. For three weeks or so, back in February and March. I’ve been at Atlantic for two years, minus the like six months I didn’t work for OD.

My other store was Glades and 441, the OfficeMax that closed.
I have been in all those stores BTW. Padrino's is amazing where the Office Max was.
Oct 20, 2015
I ate there once around 10 years ago. They also have one on 441 and glades by the Home Depot/Publix. Took my kid there a couple years ago. Great burgers.
They are pretty tasty... Just sometimes they take forever with to go orders, so I forget about them. One time I called my order in 30 minutes ahead, walked over 5 minutes later than planned because I got caught with a person and still waited my whole damn half an hour lunch for my burger, I was so annoyed because I had to scarf it down.


get a job hippy
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Jan 15, 2015
Went for a walk into the bush to smoke a joint.just about stepped on a Bull snake