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And knowing is half the battle
Oct 25, 2015
and the circle just repeats its self. There is no other end to it than me being banned. And I wouldnt blame anyone. But for gods sake, just let me have a button that I click and it prevents me from posting for 24 hours
I blame song, he must have given me wrong email. He posts drunk as much as me
Ever though of cutting down on the drink my man?

Confused Confucius

bigot sandwich
Nov 21, 2017
serious question. I have a friend who has had a brain tumor for over seven years and the only thing keeping his head above water was his girlfriend. Well now she is in a coma and he is fed up with life, all he can do is barely move with his right hand and wants to end it. He wants to swallow pills, benzos mostly among some other shit, and drink 70% vodka. I am telling him like dude ok, if you are done, you are done but I think he will just puke, feel like shit, the ambulance will have to come and they will put him in a nuthouse for the remaining time he has left on this earth. What do I tell him?


First 100
Jan 16, 2015
Been a whole month since this thread was top. Anyway, I went out to investigate chocolate yesterday and wound up spending a lot of money at hugo boss. I was wearing my coat I got there a year ago and the lady at the store recognized it, in fact 2 ladies there both asked if I got it from them, and I got a 10% discount. Good times.