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They got a million souls at the lost and found.
Feb 3, 2016

conor mcgregor nut hugger

Lizards are awesome
Oct 24, 2015
Because Trump. They are more concerned with erasing everything he did, regardless if it was the correct decision and good for America or not.
This is a pretty stupid thing to say. That an administration's policies would be vendetta-fueled is a pretty irrational analysis as well.

Biden made it clear he's going to undo all the shit Trump did that he disagreed with. I don't know the specifics of what that reporter was questioning (and it honestly sounds like a misinterpretation or hyperbole, but idk), but I am sure Biden has a reason for signing the executive order.

This is the country we're talking about. Only one person would be so irresponsible as to change national policy because he doesn't like someone else, and that person was a one-term ho.