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Rambo John J

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Jan 17, 2015
so what happened to all the OGer refugees ? right back to suckling on kiriks teets again?
Picked up a few and a little traffic, but most just popped in to say hi and went back...maybe they decide to post more over here and maybe not

Many of the ex refugees appear to be ok with the reality of the eye of censorship for now, they did get access to their non PC threads again but they have to be logged in to view them...Kirk didn't do jack, a OG mod made it happen N @nightcrawler I think, he posted here and saw a couple dozen guys checking this place out IMO

A thread is a thread to me though so I can't talk shit on anybody.

I welcome those that post and I leave it at that.
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Mar 27, 2021
every time this happens we usually pick up one or two good posters while the rest of them scurry back to their holes
I hear ya. That was me 1.5-2yrs ago as well. This place seems to have improved quite a bit over that time. It was the OG lite with the political arguments back then. Not so much anymore.

I do still check in on the cigar thread & a car thread over on the OG though as those topics are pretty light here.