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Inside Job

Sapere Aude
First 100
Jan 17, 2015
Post pics & recipes. Sounds delicious!
I am on my second run
gonna take about 5 runs to get enough pics to show the process
1st run turned out 9/10
this is the recipe I am using
I got 4lb deboned butterfly lamb leg today for $31 USD
I also make the Zhoug recipe and the Labneh recipe this article recommends
Was super tasty with pita bread, lettuce and veggies, and the zhoug and labneh, and some basmati rice.
So good
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Jesus X

non-boogaloo boy Hawaiian shirt wearer
Sep 7, 2015
all I cooked was some eggs with some chipotle Tabasco on them, the sausages are farmer john and the hash brown came in pack pre made I just fried it. luxury,opulence,elegance , the finer things.