IMG/GIF Why Ferguson-McGregor is COMPLETELY Unnecessary

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First 10,000
Dec 17, 2018
Tony has brutal leg kicks. If Siver can almost cripple Conor with a single strike then Tony will be able to toy him him.

I’m hardly a Conor fan but the key here is his right foot. Siver caught him on one leg and off balance. He made him slip. Not exactly a crippling. It was a well timed, well placed kick.

The Kurgan

Jan 30, 2015
Tony would DESTROY Conor. Surprised anyone doubts this.
He is hittable and has to survive on his chin and toughness a bit, although rarely caught clean, he rolls a lot of shots.

He also has amazing recovery when he does get stung.

I don't see Conor having much of a chance all the same, he isn't the hardest hitter at 155 and you don't time Tony easily, but he has a punchers chance.


Going by rankings and recent activity, CM ought to be fighting outside the top 5.
He needs 2 tune up fights to prove he belongs among the LW elite.