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Pulse On The Finger Of The Community
First 100
Jan 16, 2015
Warren is on crack.
She's a great-grandma out here waving her frail hands on cue like Thomas the train.
She's about to go full Howard Dean.


Get off my lawn!
Dec 12, 2018
"A man goes home and masturbates his typical fantasy. A woman on her knees, a woman tied up, a woman abused.

"A woman enjoys intercourse with her man — as she fantasizes being raped by 3 men simultaneously.

"The man and woman get dressed up on Sunday — and go to Church, or maybe to their 'revolutionary' political meeting.

"Have you ever looked at the Stag, Man, Hero, Tough magazines on the shelf of your local bookstore? Do you know why the newspaper with the articles like 'Girl 12 raped by 14 men' sell so well? To what in us are they appealing?"
-Bernie Sanders

lmao @ Bernie

he was kicked out of a hippie commune for being too lazy

now he starts this campaign with a heart attack, poor guy.
Oh wait, between him and his wife and their crooked deals they aren't so poor
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