Diego Sanchez released from the UFC

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Grateful Dude

TMMAC Addict
May 30, 2016
he hasnt been good for years
but i wonder if he will go to bellator
It's possible, but I could see Coker passing on this due to the weirdness going on right now.

I would also bet money that greasy Feldman fucker that runs BKFC is going to make an offer.

Personally, I kind of hope he retires. I don't think he needs to take any more damage. He can still be involved with the sport in other ways.

Grateful Dude

TMMAC Addict
May 30, 2016
I don’t think Dana is being completely honest here. I think he’s just trying to frame it as simply, Diego and his crazy coach won’t say that he’s medically fight to fit, and that’s the issue.

With the asking for old medical records, I wouldn’t be surprised if Fabia is trying to put together a lawsuit for Diego’s CTE. That would be where the money is.

Diego’s contract was cancelled because an attorney working on his behalf “couldn’t confirm his health wasn’t compromised”. Seems to me they are afraid signing off on his health would hurt them in their incoming CTE suit. Asking for the past medical records would be their way of establishing a timeline proving his brain damage occurred during his UFC career.

Dana is shook.
Dana not being totally honest is a legit possibility here. But IF Diego or his coach actually wouldn't say if he was medically fit to fight or not, that seems like a pretty good reason not to send him out there. I read that Diego refused to directly answer the question. Wouldn't that also be a major issue for the athletic commission? (not just Dana/UFC)

Like I said, if that is true, there is good reason for the hesitancy to have him fight.

What a wild situation to pop up last minute, I guess we'll see how it shakes out.


Commander in @Chief, Dick Army
First 100
Jan 14, 2015
whoa ... imagine if you actually predicted whats realllly going on here (he is not A-list, but its potentially a good fight, before Diaz, before Conor) the latter two which seem to be Jake's plan asap
I have my thumb on the pulse of Diego Sanchez.

Jesus X

attila's sideburns.
Sep 7, 2015
That would be all bad for Jake Paul...

Borrowing crowbar's gif...

im not sure diego would win because his chin is gone and hip surgery probably ruined his agility jake is also 4 inches taller. jake fighting two guys who have had hip surgery is a bit funny.

jimmy boogaloo

General Links/Your Account
Nov 15, 2017
ooooof listened to this whole thing. it was heavy going and required 4 pauses.

1) I have never supported the ufc in a situation as much as i do here. they had no choice when dealing with this guy.

2) josh fabia is a fraud. verbally treading water and trying (failing) to use misdirection. absolute cunt

3) to think this video puts him in a good light is insane. honestly he must be ill. and of course let's assume he has full control of Diego's social media

4) ufc lawyer used colloquial language which wasn't perfectly appropriate but was completely clear and above board in my view

5) i would not be surprised if Diego was soon found dead in strange circumstances



TMMAC Addict
Oct 22, 2015
An insider told me he was cut because Dana didn't want to be charged with being an accomplice in Donald Cerrone's murder after they found out Diego has been learning Fabias secret lethal techniques.
Fair enough I say.


Posting Machine
Jan 29, 2016
there's another gif of diego doing the yes.. but with random wtf popping up as he does that.. so appropriate atm


First 100
First 100
Jan 18, 2015
Fabia interrupting Diegos interview and telling them they need to speak to him instead was ridiculous. Diego hasnt had the fire ever since the loss to BJ.