General Senate Judiciary Committee Report on Jan 6th

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Nov 14, 2015
CHAZ is an even better example, I keep forgetting and lumping them in with "Portland Riots".

Q @Qat - was CHAZ an insurrection?
Well to be fair I thought you were talking about Chaz but had to look up and see it was in Seattle. Hard to keep track of all the events during that period. There was more or less a take over of the entire united states' for a couple of months. I still remember texting a buddy of mine with a link to all of the firey events that were taking place. They even took over a CNN building and now it's like it didn't happen hahaha


Iowa Wrestling Champion
Jun 28, 2016
"Unarmed insurrection is oxymoronic."
fair point, all other context notwithstanding. Hyperbolic, at worst. But you can't deny that every successful insurrection involved arming the insurrection and/or disarming state actors.

ran the cops out and occupied Capitol Hill in Seattle for almost a month.

Clayton Bigsby

If you have hate in your heart let it out!
Jan 11, 2016
Is that scaffold man?


The indictment against Rhodes alleges Oath Keepers formed two teams, or “stacks,” that entered the Capitol. The first stack split up inside the building to separately go after the House and Senate. The second stack confronted officers inside the Capitol Rotunda, the indictment said. Outside Washington, the indictment alleges, the Oath Keepers had stationed two “quick reaction forces” that had guns “in support of their plot to stop the lawful transfer of power.”

Clayton Bigsby

If you have hate in your heart let it out!
Jan 11, 2016
The recent Oath Keeper indictments show a direct link between the defendants, Roger Stone, and the Willard Hotel, the site of Republicans' "War Room"

Joshua James, one of the defendants charged with seditious conspiracy and one of Stone's bodyguards, had been in contact with both Simmons and Rhodes and came from the Willard Hotel to participate in the conspiracy. The Willard Hotel is where Trump had his "war room" set up.

While exchanging calls with Simmons, James traveled from the Willard Hotel, in downtown Washington—where he had been leading a security detail guarding Stone—to the Capitol.We’ve unmasked the Oath Keepers’ January 6 “operations leader”
Among those listed to have communicated with Rhodes on the phone during the attack include previously indicted Oath Keepers and Roger Stone “bodyguards” Joshua James of Alabama and Roberto Minuta of Texas.
Court documents shed new light on coordination between Trump White House and fascist militias in January 6 coup attempt
Rhodes was also in direct contact with Michael Simmons who actively engaged in the plot with the defendants but was not listed as a coconspirator.
He [Simmons] said he went to Washington as as a security expert, helping to guard longtime Trump adviser Roger Stone and others for pay. Rhodes called Simmons the Oath Keepers' "team leader" in DC on 1/6.We’ve unmasked the Oath Keepers’ January 6 “operations leader”
In a separate indictment Simmons was implicated in the conspiracy via text / Parler messages. He sent the following text shortly before the insurrection:
“The[y] have taken ground at the capital[.] We need to regroup any members who are not on mission.”
Stone was at the Willard Hotel the morning of 1/6. Defendant Joshua James was at the Willard Hotel with Stone as a body guard. The Willard Hotel is where Republicans had set up a "War Room". This indictment directly connects Stone and the Willard Hotel to the seditious conspiracy.

Clayton Bigsby

If you have hate in your heart let it out!
Jan 11, 2016
Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson said January 6 was ‘interference with the lawful transfer of power using violence’ — the definition of an insurrection — but refrains from using the word

“Some people are going to call it an insurrection. Some people are going to call it terrorism. I call it interference with the lawful transfer of power using violence, and that’s wrong,” Hutchinson said.

a violent uprising against an authority or government.