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Lineup set for next month's Kimbo vs. Shamrock Bellator 138 event in St. Louis

  • 1,287
  • 20

The lineup is set for next month’s Bellator 138 in St. Louis with a whopping nine fights on the prelims and 14 overall. Who are you taking in the main event?

Lets talk UFC 187

  • 9,325
  • 154

UFC 187 has had a lot of changes. The card is still over a week away, but many a gauntlet have been thrown in the community forums. Who are you picking? Come make your case!

Nate Quarry speaks out on recent UFC Expo sponsor bans

  • 10,848
  • 152

It has come to light that the UFC will be banning most sponsors from the UFC fan expo this year. Click over to read more as it unfolds.

The sponsor issue is much bigger deal than people realize. Ed Ruth signs with Bellator.

  • 3,378
  • 40

"I really believe in what Scott Coker is doing with Bellator. They're signing the top talent, they're putting on exciting...

UFC Exec: We own fighters bodies

  • 2,808
  • 47

Sam Alvey's creative logo placement didn't please the UFC. How far...

VID Chuck, Forrest & Rory Mac make poutine

  • 1,439
  • 16

Why is Robin Black hosting a special that involves Chuck, Forrest, and Rory in a poutine cookoff? We don't know either, but we love it!

Joe Rogan speaks out on Reebok deal

  • 1,562
  • 12

"I’m an idiot when it comes to business, but I don’t like when I see fighters suffering financially. I don’t like it. At all."

Reebok explains their side of deal

  • 2,836
  • 26

A lot of fighters seem unhappy with the recent Reebok sponsorship deal, but is Reebok really to blame? The company weighs in on why they wanted to sponsor MMA athletes and how the UFC deal has come to be.

Pics/Vids of Fighters doing non-fighting stuff

  • 9,004
  • 40

What do fighters do when they aren't fighting? Check out this collection of pictures of fighters doing their hobbies and other jobs.

VID Big Name Fighters in WTF Fights

  • 1,257
  • 18

Community member 'kneeblock' has created an interesting compilation of videos. Sometimes fights make sense. Then there are fights that when you see them or hear they happened, your...