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Jul 22, 2015
Oct 20, 2015
Any other parents get an automated call from the school district? Ours just sent one out saying they have counselors and support staff in place for students who feel unsafe and they will not tolerate bullying.

Maycee Barber Fan

Clipping Hoes like Sweeney Todd
Dec 1, 2015
Tucker just said the woman murdered was a married 14-year military veteran...

Sad, but it seems she was a victim of the retarded 'success' of the mob. They should never have got as far as they did, so it seems they forgot what they were actually doing, which was storming the fucking capitol building, and at that point should have been expecting bullets to fly.

Frankly, the only strange thing about it was that she was the only one. A lot of those dipshits can count themselves very lucky.


fuck off. i got work to do
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Jan 15, 2015
oh for fuck sakes. corey booker is grandstanding right now. i forgot that homo even existed