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Pak protector

Protector stage Pak.
May 16, 2021

Brief etymology sez

Attested 1788, a loan from Hindustani लूट (lūṭ)/لوٹ‎ (lūṭ, “spoil, booty”), from Sanskrit लुण्ट् (luṇṭ, “to rob, plunder”). The verb is from 1842. Fallows (1885) records both the noun and the verb as "Recent. Anglo-Indian".

In origin only applicable to plundering in warfare.

A figurative meaning developed in American English in the 1920s, resulting in a generalized meaning by the 1950s.

I'll keep looking to try to figure out how it's racist.


Bruno no dey carry last
Dec 30, 2015
I like the yt channels where they showcase dessert recipes with chocolate.

They always use white chocolate because it mixes in with all colours. Try it out. Any colour - black, brown, yellow, you'll find that white mixes in perfectly with those to make great desserts every time.

The dark chocolate on the other hand, try mixing that in with other coloured chocolate. What it does is take over any other coloured choc it mixes with. Seriously. Mix the black and white chocolate together and what you'll see is the chocolate becomes one dark-coloured piece of choc.

Interesting stuff to say the least.