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Nov 14, 2019

The Bad Guy

Ain't it fun when you're always on the run?
Jan 11, 2016
Fucking scumbags killing people for not wearing a mask. People love putting up those stupid ass "Karen" videos which usually involve white people but here you have some goon shooting and killing someone over a fucking mask which puts things into perspective...

Los Angeles security guard goon charged with murder after fight with customer over mask
The victim got into a fight w the security guard, left and then returned again to fight again. The victim then waited in the parking lot for the security guard to get off work.... The security is in the wrong for shooting the guy but let’s not play like the victim was innocent.

Prosecutors said Lewis left the store, returned and fought again with Hawkins.
Why do to feel the need to change the article titles to make them more sensationalist? Fake-n-bisexual media!

Oh and on the topic of Karen...